Your say: Restaurant passions and peeves

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Since we boomers are taking over the world, at least in numbers, and more businesses are catering to our needs, here are two of our favourite restaurant features. Dear readers, add yours to our list (you can comment in the box below) and we’ll publish some in our December issue.

Mellow music or bust

We love classical, soft rock, jazz or—better still—nothing at all. When it’s hard to talk over the music, we wish we had stayed home. And the music for us is the diners and their chatter. Music is best left in cafés. Even there, we often walk out when it’s too loud. We go to a café to read or work or browse on the Internet, or sometimes to converse with a friend or loved one. Why do we need piped-in tunes?

Do one or two things and do them well

Very few restaurants get away with an extensive menu that is always fresh and appealing.

Two of these restaurants are Tiffany’s on Décarie and B & M on Somerled. If you know others, please tell us.

Most restos we love do one ethnic theme or one style of cooking, like Moonshine on Décarie, which cooks “real southern barbecue.” (Next month, when we reveal how well they barbecue.)

Send us your favourite restaurant features, by commenting on this story or emailing with Resto in the subject line.

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