What do you do if you’re self-isolating, but also running out of food?

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I woke up this morning thinking that we’re running out of fresh food. Well, in normal times I wouldn’t think that. We have vegetables but they won’t last more than a few days. Then I got into the shower and my head started spinning. Not literally.

What should we do today about getting groceries I thought? What are the options?

Should we drive to a large ethnic supermarket near us and have Irwin go in and get all kinds of delights such as marinated meats, Labaneh, Yogurt, Feta, and Hummus?

We love this stuff but really. Irwin would have to stand behind a counter and some guy (who might be a carrier) would dole out the food in containers? Not.

Or I could go in even though I’m technically on lockdown having come back from Cuba, where there are only four cases, so do I really need to stay out of supermarkets? Irwin’s more likely to get it since he’s still going into supermarkets and I haven’t been in one since March 5, the day before I left for Cuba.

And I would be much faster and grab stuff but not more than $100 so I could swipe my card. But I’d have to stand in line near others. Not.

Maybe we should just walk to the corner and Irwin should go into Provigo and quickly get a few things. But Irwin is not quick and always worried about whether I’ll like his choices. Not.

Maybe I’ll go in and he’ll stay outside and wait since I’m faster and can grab stuff and Provigo is more spacious the place not mentioned above. I won’t wear my mask because that’s no longer a good idea and doesn’t protect you. I’ll wear gloves. If I don’t go today, we may not be able to go in a couple of days. Hmmmm…..

Ordering by phone or internet? They won’t know what we like. We’re so fussy. They’ll send yogurt with sugar in it, which we don’t eat. Is it really necessary when Provigo is at the corner. Not.

Send our landlord Simon who so kindly offered to get groceries for us? Will he know what to choose for us? Will he get the right cut of meat, the freshest dairy products, the right slab of salmon that is not so fatty and is on special? Not.

Maybe none of the above is necessary today. We have enough to eat for a few days. Why take chances? Why not just walk the dog for a few more days or take the car up to Mt. Royal Park and have a picnic on one of the park tables facing the lake? I wonder if it’s still frozen. Haven’t been up there in years!

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