Trivia and quiz book is full of surprises

by Kristine Berey

Do you know what alcoholic drink is associated with Mexico? What about the name and year of the first musical written by Rogers and Hammerstein? Do you care?

If you flip through Questions, Quizzes and Quotations by Benny Beattie, who spent eight years compiling this huge range of wondrous facts, you will. Answers are all mercifully provided—after reading some of these questions and quizzes your imagination will be tickled and there will be much you will really want to know.

The world is full of surprises, and this overview by a former high school history teacher reminds us that discovery is part of life.

In his introduction, Beattie says: “There is so much information out there, so much general knowledge in a vast number of areas in so many aspects of life. It’s a good feeling to know more about our wonderful world.”

Questions, Quizzes and Quotations, a Brain–Challenging Book of Trivia and General Knowledge will be launched on Wednesday, October 17, at 3pm at Westmount Park United Church. 514-482-7717,

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