There is a literacy helpline for English-speaking Quebecers

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Literacy Quebec has unveiled a free Literacy Helpline (1-888-521-8181) to help adult English speakers connect with their provincial network of literacy organizations in February 2021. Their support comes at a time when an easy access route to resources is more important than ever with so many people stuck at home alone or trying to support their children with distance learning.

As the pandemic unveiled inequalities across various aspects of life from senior care to wages for essential jobs, so too has the issue of literacy become more apparent. With so many isolated at home, some even without internet access, obstacles to accessing available resources, such as filling out a form online to receive the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit, have become even more difficult.

Executive Director Margo Legault has worked with Quebec’s literacy organizations for 10 years and is happy to provide this new resource to English-speaking Quebecers.

“You can’t assume that everyone has made the transition to online services due to the pandemic. I hope that we can get the word out about the helpline to those who need it most. We have already helped callers book their vaccine appointments, find literacy services in their area and provide print materials that otherwise would only be available online.”

The helpline was developed as an easy first access point for those who struggle to connect with services and programs online for work, learning, or life in general. Literacy Quebec is counting on community support to promote this new service. Flyers and posters can be ordered free of charge through their website and digital assets for easy sharing on social media are available here.

While created to meet the challenges of the pandemic, the Helpline will be a long-term Literacy Quebec service. This program was brought to life through a collaboration between LQ, the Government of Canada’s Emergency Community Support Fund and the Foundation of Greater Montreal.

Organizational Mission

Literacy Quebec is a network that connects and represents 13 community-based literacy organizations to empower people, impact lives and build a stronger society. To foster a Quebec where everyone has the literacy skills they need to live a fully engaged life, LQ offers professional development for literacy practitioners, advocates for literacy and works with government agencies and other literacy-related groups. Services provided by LQ range from one-on-one tutoring to small group instruction and learning centres.

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