The Senior Times celebrates spring

What is that great ball of fire in the sky? And—glory!—is it giving off heat?

My friends, the winter of 2012-13 was mighty cold and dark (but great for skiers and exercising with a shovel), so The Senior Times would like to officially welcome the sunshine back to our fair city. We’d like to do it with song.

Here are our top 10 sunshine songs. Use the comment box at the end of this story to tell us what your favourite sunshine song is.

10. We’ll Sing in the Sunshine

9. Ain’t No Sunshine

8. Sunshine, Lollipop

7. Sunshine on My Shoulders

6. Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me

5. I’ll Follow the Sun

4. Walkin’ on Sunshine

3. Here Comes the Sun

2. Good Day, Sunshine

1. Seasons in the Sun

1 Comment on "The Senior Times celebrates spring"

  1. I like the song “Walkin’ On Sunshine”

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