The do’s and don’ts of recycling

Here is Recyc-Québec’s list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to what is recyclable, and what isn’t:

Paper and carton: newsprint, circulars, catalogues, magazines, writing paper, envelopes, boxes of cereal & frozen food, soaps, cartons, file folders, paper bags, directories, milk, juice, and egg cartons, bills and lottery tickets. All should be grease-free.

Not recyclable are wax paper, stickers, painted paper, photo paper, metallic wrapping paper and envelopes, diapers, binders made with mixed materials.

Plastic: Hard and soft plastic containers are recyclable. Plastic bags should be collected in a single transparent bag.

Not recyclable are Styrofoam coffee cups, containers for meat, fish and vegetables,
and protective wrapping for electronic products, plastic utensils, blue or black mushroom containers, individual yogurt containers, except the smallest ones, usually
made of recyclable plastic, pastry wrappings, small milk and cream containers, CD and DVD boxes.

Glass: Most bottles, including those for wine and spirits, juice, carbonated water, oil, vinegar, pickle, salsa, and sauces are recyclable. Those that are returnable should be returned.

Metal: Cans, bottle covers, plugs, dishes, aluminum containers and foli, even soiled, and non-returnable aluminum cans. Returnable ones should be returned.

Not recyclable are aerosol containers, which should be brought along with toxic material to special sorting centres.

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