Teens to teach seniors computer and smartphone skills

Some of us learned about computers and cell phones as part of our jobs, but others in the 55-plus demographic may not had that kind of training, and had to pick it up on their own.

It is hard to keep up with technological advances, especially for those among us whose learning curve has diminished.

Do you know how to attach a photo to an email? Do you know how to pull a message from your cell phone? Do you know how to set up and use Skype or Facetime?

Seniors who want to learn more about their devices and upgrade their skill set are invited to Rosemount High School’s Spiritual Community Centre October 16 from 12:45 to 2:45 pm.

At that time, a group of teenagers will offer individual help and hands-on instruction with technology issues. If necessary, a follow-up
session is scheduled for October 18, at the same time and place.

With funds provided by the New Horizons for Seniors Program, the training program, called Seenagers, Teenagers, and Technology, is offered free of charge by Quality Family Home Care and Customized Homecare. A light lunch will be provided. Please bring along your mobile device, tablet, I pad, or laptop and register by Oct. 10.

Rosemount High is at 3737 Beaubien E. in Montreal North. Take Bus 18 from the Beaubien Metro. When you arrive, please report to the main high school office.

To register, call Ruth Pelletier at 450-455-5982 of email ruthkathleenpelletier@gmail.com

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