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The beach is a sweet place to retire to. Photo by Hayley Juhl.

Financial Fitness: Strategize for comfort

To retire comfortably, you need to save and invest regularly using an effective savings and investment strategy.

In Quebec, there were close to 116,400 workers 65 and over in 2013. (stock.xchng)

Working long past retirement age has become the new normal

By Peter Wheeland If you think you’re seeing a lot more people over 50 in the Canadian workforce these days, it’s no mirage. Baby boomers are still having a major impact on the economy, the most significant of which is the rapid growth in the number of people working well […]

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Legal Ease: 52 years of practicing law in an ever-changing landscape

Spring is the season of hope and optimism. Some look for the first crocus leaf, some fall in love or start looking for a new home, others decide to retire. I’m in the last category. April 1, instead of being a practicing attorney I became a member of the bar […]

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Financial Fitness: It’s time for your checkup

December is a great time for a year-end financial checkup. It is also the perfect time to meet with your financial adviser to discuss your current and future financial goals. In addition to making sure you don’t miss any investment opportunities before 2013 wraps up, your adviser can work with […]

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Financial Fitness: Have business succession plans

If you own a business, you may follow a “do it now” philosophy—which is, of course, necessary to keep things running smoothly. Still, you need to think about tomorrow, which means you’ll want to take action on your own retirement and business succession plans. You’ve got some attractive options in […]

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Financial Fitness: The trick is to stay on track for retirement

Living paycheque to paycheque? Unexpected expenses regularly throwing your retirement savings goals off-track? This is a good time to schedule a financial-planning checkup with a financial adviser. The key to staying on track for retirement is having a plan. Contrary to what you may think, developing a proactive plan is […]

Retirement is puzzling at the best of times. Make sure you have all the pieces.

What’s my retirement number?

There’s been a lot of talk lately about how everyone needs to hit a certain “number” before they can retire comfortably—a number that is, frankly, intimidating to many Canadians. Is it true? Your so-called “number” or retirement savings threshold won’t come from a simple formula. Contrary to what some may […]

Quito, capital of Ecuador, García Moreno street in the historic centre of the city. The Virgin of Quito is seen in the background. Photo by Cayambe, Wikimedia Commons
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Ecuador is safe and rich in culture; weather and rent are temperate

I have no great desire to live year-round in a place other than Montreal. My community, my grandchildren, my friends (and Ollie the Dog) enrich my life. But the thought of a long-term stay, say three or four months during the worst (and most dangerous) months of our winter, is […]