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Sébastien Froidevaux (L) with Rev.Pierre Rivard (R)
(Photo by Kristine Berey)

Catholic Church engages in healing

A reporter asked Pope Francis last summer a question about the status of gay priests in the church. While his predecessor Pope Benedict XVI had characterized homosexuality as “an intrinsic moral evil,” Pope Francis answered: “Who am I to judge them?” His attitude reflects a time of renewal and openness […]

Hijab mannequins photo courtesy of stock.xchng

Editorial: Proposed charter of Quebec values devalues individual rights

Montrealers are shaking their heads about the priorities of this Parti Québécois government, as expressed in its obsession about defining and imposing a so-called Charter of Quebec Values. As these lines are being written, details of the charter are not yet known, but the essentials are clear: the Pauline Marois […]

Neurotheologist explores the science of the power within

Neurotheologist explores the science of the power within

Through conscious direction of your thoughts, you can learn to affect the functioning of your brain regardless of your age, neuroscientist Andrew Newberg says. The director of research for integrative medicine at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia as well as assistant professor of religious studies at the University of […]