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Golf tournament founding members Marvin Pascal (from left) and Lewis Israel with Mordy Gordon in 2010.  Photo courtesy of Sun Youth

Kids are foremost on charities’ agendas

Here at Sun Youth: Nicolas Carpentier Back-to-school time conjures up a dream or two and yet I revisit not so pleasant experiences during my elementary school years. I frequently dreamed that I lost my report card and without it was unable to go back to school. I recently had the […]

Tommy Kulczyk celebrates 30 years with Sun Youth.

Here at Sun Youth: Tommy Kulczyk is married … to his job

BY NICOLAS CARPENTIER If there is such a thing as being married to your job, Sun Youth’s Tommy Kulczyk is the perfect example. Kulczyk, assistant to the executive vice-president and director of emergency Services, celebrated 30 years of community service on May 1. Kulczyk was introduced to Sun Youth when […]