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Legal Ease: Homebuyers, be aware of municipal improvements

It’s April. Spring has arrived, the crocuses are in bloom and it’s time to go hunting for that perfect house. You find it, study the details contained in the listing and make an offer to purchase. A purchase price is negotiated, a mortgage is obtained and the date to complete […]


Hiring a lawyer can be traumatic—better know what you’re in for

You have left a certain amount of money as a retainer; will you ever see any of it again? To what use will it be put? You know you will have to pay for the time the lawyer uses to write letters or make phone calls, but there was also […]


Quebec tenants should be aware of Civil Code rights, obligations

by Joyce Blond Frank A few months ago I wrote about certain provisions in the Civil Code of Quebec pertaining to notices to be given the landlord when a lease has to be cancelled, because of the death of the tenant or because the tenant moved into a residential or […]


Legal Ease: Divorce is stressful as it is, but what happens to the condo?

BY JOYCE BLOND FRANK June is traditionally marriage time. In 1989, a law was adopted introducing the concept of family patrimony. It changed the way we look at property belonging to married couples. This law is of public order, which means no one has the option of deciding they do […]