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Financial Fitness: In a volatile market, remain calm

Financial Fitness: In a volatile market, remain calm

In recent months, stocks have fallen sharply from their record highs, with one-day drops that can rightfully be called “dizzying.” As an investor, what are you to make of this volatility?

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Financial Fitness: Vacation planning a ticket to better investments

You may be looking forward to “getting away from it all” this summer, but as you know, vacations actually require a fair amount of planning. Some of the efforts required for successful vacations can teach us valuable lessons in other areas of life — such as investing. Secure your home […]

It's almost harvest time. Be patient and keep feeding your portfolio.

Financial Fitness: How to reap a great investment harvest

Harvest season may not mean that much to you if you don’t work in agriculture. Nonetheless, you can learn a lot from those who do—especially in your role as an investor. Here are a few of these lessons to consider: “Feed” your portfolio. Through the proper combination of fertilizers and […]

If you're looking for a flexible savings vehicle, take another look at the tax-free savings account. (Image by damianosullivan)

Financial Fitness: Reduce investment stress

We know that stress can have many adverse affects on our lives and can affect the quality of our health. Cutting out stressors, including in investment activities, can have a positive affect. But how? Here are a few possible stress-busters. Know your risk tolerance. If you’re constantly worrying about the […]


Financial Fitness: Eco-friendly investing encompasses more than the greenback

BY DEBORAH LEAHY If you’re concerned about social and ethical issues, why not speak out with your investment portfolio? Through socially responsible investing, your portfolio can reflect your values. As an investor, you can support businesses that are doing their part to make the world a better place. Socially responsible […]