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“Never Again” means human rights for all, Cotler tells men’s club. Photo: Charles Eklove

Irwin Cotler founds Raoul Wallenberg Center for Human Rights

You might think that after a distinguished career as a human-rights crusader, Irwin Cotler might settle into a comfortable retirement.

“Our capacity to represent ourselves has improved,” Dan Philip says, but there is work still to do. (Debrah Gilmour)

Dan Philip leads a chorus of voices for change

Longtime human-rights activist Dan Philip is well known to Montrealers who care about issues of social justice. Whenever instances of alleged racism surface in the media or on the street, it is often his opinion journalists seek. High-profile cases have included celebrity psychiatrist Pierre Mailloux, who made comments many thought […]

Afghan President Karzai “is not a great women’s advocate,” Weisberg says. (Photo by Irwin Block)

Fundamentalism, extremism the enemies in Afghanistan

From North Africa to the Middle East, the Islamic world is in turmoil and Afghanistan can be seen as a precursor. What can we expect when most foreign forces leave by the end of next year? We put the whither-Afghanistan question to Laurie Wiseberg, a human-rights expert who recently returned […]