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Mind-body connection plays role in healthy food choices

Mind-body connection plays role in healthy food choices

“Thank you, dear Lord, for our daily bread.” Amen. In these times, “bread” encompasses a huge variety of foods available in supermarkets; healthy foods, marginally healthy foods and unhealthy food. What is considered “good” food is not always perfectly good. Apples are sprayed, so you must wash them well, but […]

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No need for men to suffer alone

BY: IRWIN BLOCK In 1994, Pointe Claire resident Charles Curtis got the result from what was then a relatively new test for something called the PSA level in the blood. Prostate specific antigen, PSA, is the substance produced almost exclusively by certain cells within the prostate gland. When my own […]

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Jewish General satisfaction dips, but so do bedsores

BY: IRWIN BLOCK The average satisfaction rate of patients at the Jewish General Hospital has been dropping marginally over the past two years, but it remains above the 80-per-cent level. The satisfaction level dropped almost three percentage points—to 81.5 per cent in the April 2011 to March 2012 period from […]


Years of sun exposure takes its toll on skin

BY IRWIN BLOCK One “feature” of growing older is acquiring liver spots and various other blemishes on the skin. To find out whether they pose a risk, I recently asked a dermatologist to have a look at my arms, face and back. It turned out that half a dozen of […]