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Manhattan is a dangerous place. Beware of helpful people with dogs

by Harry Rolnick A Montreal ami asked me to find him a hotel for his forthcoming trip to New York, with the provision that the hotel be in a “safe neighborhood.” A worldly gentleman who has lived everywhere and done everything, his fears astonished me. On second thought, though, I […]

White Light Festival to brighten New York till Nov. 19
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White Light Festival to brighten New York till Nov. 19

by Harry Rolnick The great Persian poet Hafiz was once told that life enters the human body with the help of music. He replied, “That isn’t quite true. Life itself is music.” This should be the essence of the most magical musical month in New York, the White Light Festival, […]

Sonya Thomas proves she can eat with the big boys, strapping on a hot-dog belt. Photos: Neil Abramson for Major League Eating

The hot-dog days of summer

BY: HARRY ROLNICK I once asked the late Sir John Gielgud why he appeared in such a crummy movie as Satyricon. “My dear boy,” he said, “one can’t play Hamlet every night.” Or resist participating in an ancient Roman orgy-cum-food-fight, where, as the philosopher Cicero noted, “One slave wipes the […]

Past performances at the River to River festival include Laurie Anderson (above), Rufus Wainwright and Chrisette Michele. (Photos: GODLIS)

New York’s River to River festival: Bridges, ports, parks and alleyways give way to theatrics

BY HARRY ROLNICK One year ago, this column started with a guide to getting almost-free food in Manhattan. That was hardly good enough. So may I apologize by modestly presenting a month of absolutely free music, dance, painting, poetry and theatre amid the most beautiful (and unknown) sites in New […]