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I have to do something. The pan is waiting for me. (Image courtesy of stock.xchng)

Flavour Guy: My affair with the iron sous-chef

We start with nothing. The pan is empty. The head often more so. The heart yearns for something, but what? The pan sits there on the burner. Stainless, immaculate. Tempting. It must be a pan and at least a hand’s breadth. So why not get out a pot? Ahh, but […]

The wrong cheese for manicotti. No raisins for the bran muffins­—and did anyone add the bran? (Photo by Melani Litwack)
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Potboilers collective kitchen specializes in friendship

It’s 9:30 on a Wednesday morning and I’m standing, somewhat bleary-eyed, outside a big kitchen as five women prepare for a very busy morning. By noon there will be a huge pot of orange-carrot soup, pans of manicotti, containers of bran muffin batter and two huge apple crisps cooling on […]