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Financial Fitness: In a volatile market, remain calm

Financial Fitness: In a volatile market, remain calm

In recent months, stocks have fallen sharply from their record highs, with one-day drops that can rightfully be called “dizzying.” As an investor, what are you to make of this volatility?

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Financial Fitness: Protect your family business

There’s nothing more important in the world to you than your family. Your family-owned business probably helps support your family, so when it comes to protecting both, you need to carefully consider your moves. You face plenty of challenges to keep your business running smoothly—but it can be even more […]

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Local entrepreneurs bring old technology into the digital age

Love TV but hate paying for dozens of channels you never watch? Self-taught electronics whiz and TV signal specialist Mario Trottier says he can get you watching the basics, up to 23 television channels including CBC, CTV, NBC, PBS, Global and more, all in beautiful high definition. There’s no monthly […]

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Financial Fitness: Have business succession plans

If you own a business, you may follow a “do it now” philosophy—which is, of course, necessary to keep things running smoothly. Still, you need to think about tomorrow, which means you’ll want to take action on your own retirement and business succession plans. You’ve got some attractive options in […]