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Legal Ease: Give animals the rights sentient beings deserve

Legal Ease: Give animals the rights sentient beings deserve

It has been scientifically shown that many animals are cognitively and emotionally advanced, self-aware, experience pleasure and pain, and can remember and choose.

The fearless, proud and unsinkable Jelly Bean.

First Person: Antics aside, life’s sweeter with Jelly Bean

By Thelma Gearey Browsing a pet store looking for cat toys, I saw a litter of kittens and asked the salesgirl if I could hold one. The kitten put her tiny white pink paws around my neck and pressed her soft head into my cheek and just purred in total […]

Canada geese have the potential to become 
emotionally attached to humans who care for them. (Photo by Hayley Juhl)

Help feed the birds (it’s tuppence a bag) of Le Nichoir

  Le Nichoir, the largest rehabilitation centre for aquatic and songbirds in Canada, received seven baby Canada geese this summer. Caring for these birds is difficult because they easily become attached to humans and if that happens, it is impossible to release them into the wild, which is Le Nichoir’s […]