Here at Sun Youth: Volunteering pays off

To carry out its activities and help hundreds of people daily, Sun Youth relies on volunteers.

Brenda Bailey is one of these generous and reliable volunteers. Since March 2015, she welcomes families needing food assistance at Sun Youth Fridays from 9am to 3pm. Bailey is retired from the TD Bank where she worked for more than 38 years, the last 25 as a commercial accounts manager.

It is through the TD Bank Volunteer Grant Program that Baily was encouraged to volunteer at Sun Youth for the first time. At the time, she was still working and helped prepare the food baskets at Christmas. The TD Bank’s Volunteer Grant Program supports its employees’ volunteer efforts.

It is available to active employees and retirees. Through this program, an employee who accumulates 40 hours of volunteering in an organization can apply for a $500 grant from the TD Bank for that organization.

Since March 2015, Bailey applied twice for a TD Volunteer Grant and Sun Youth received on her behalf.

Volunteering allows Bailey $1,000 to give back to the community, while creating great friendships with other volunteers and employees. Her volunteer experiences and her work at the TD Bank showed her the importance of the quality of the relationships we maintain with colleagues, volunteers and clients. Congratulations to the TD Bank for its program and a huge thank you to employees who participate during their careers and continue in retirement. You make all the difference!

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