Sun Youth: Bike Patrol aims to protect seniors this summer

For the 32nd consecutive summer the Sun Youth Bike Patrol will be present on streets, bike paths, parks, and playgrounds, emphasizing a sense of safety and community in the public spaces of Greater Montreal.

Trained in first aid and other public safety skills, the 24 patrollers will also deliver seminars on public and bicycle safety, and be present at festivals, community events, and fundraisers through the summer.

Seniors can benefit from the bike patrollers as they will be handing out water to people on the hottest days. Combating dehydration is one easy way the patrollers contribute to public safety. On rainy days, patrollers often visit various retirement homes to offer companionship. They also explain the services Sun Youth offers and how best to utilize them. Sun Youth supports some of the city’s most vulnerable clientele and Bike Patrol is an extension of that initiative.

The patrollers also participate in police operations designed to help seniors. They distribute cache-monnaie – a special wallet consisting of a small pocket equipped with a cord to wear around the neck or shoulder. A zipper closes the main pocket. A small pen compartment and an identity card holder are on one side, and on the other there is a card compartment. Distributing these wallets, free of charge thanks to corporate support, is designed to provide an easy and safe way for seniors to protect their money and avoid being easily mugged.

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