Sun Youth and Éconologis partner to turn up the heat

In 22 years, Sun Youth’s Heating Assistance Program has helped low-income families and individuals pay their electricity and heating bills.

By guiding people through negotiations with Hydro-Québec’s collections department, we have helped them avoid service interruptions and expensive fees.

Through a partnership with l’Association des indépendants du Pétrole, Sun Youth assists families who heat with oil.

More than 300,000 litres of heating oil have been distributed free of charge to families referred by Sun Youth to participating Heating Oil companies: Joseph Élie, CST Canada Co. and Sonic La Coop Fédérée. To help our clients save on energy costs, we have partnered with Éconologis. Their goal is to improve energy efficiency and comfort levels in lower income households. During January and February, Éconologis set up a booth at Sun Youth to inform visitors of their services and advise on fine-tuning the use of lighting, heating, hot water and household appliances.

As part of their service, Éconologis will visit people’s homes and, following a landlord’s authourization, will install new electric thermostats to gauge energy efficiency. Finally, they will verify the level of humidity in the apartment and recommend ways to increase indoor air quality.

If your Hydro-Québec bill bears your name and your household revenue is under the minimum income threshold $24,328 for a single person to $64,381 for a family of seven or more persons, you may apply to this program by calling 1-844-303-7333.

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