Sun Youth: All hands on board

Children play and learn at the train exhibition. (Photo: Ivan Dow)
Children play and learn at the train exhibition. (Photo: Ivan Dow)

Children play and learn at the train exhibition. (Photo: Ivan Dow)

By guest columnist Robert Ravensbergen.

Every year, children return to school intent on working hard.

But they also require play, experimentation and community to stay motivated beyond the expectations of their formal education. With this in mind, Sun Youth is hosting the Montreal Model Train Exhibition. This annual tradition offers historical model trains from the 1920s through to the 1960s, and includes exhibits on the history of model trains and famous toy sets like the Thomas the Tank Engine series. New this year will be a playroom made possible by Mega Brands featuring train-related toys to play with. The first 800 children to attend will receive a small gift from Mega Brands.

“These trains have really served to inspire a sense of history in many young people,” says Ivan Dow, chief organizer of the event. “People forget that trains were once cutting-edge technology, and their history can teach us each lessons about the present day.”

Children and their families are encouraged to play with the models, allowing them to grasp every element of detail and craftsmanship involved.

“For young children, only just beginning to develop their skills and their talents, being able to observe the amount of thoughtfulness put into each of these sets is a tremendous opportunity to understand how they might incorporate the same approach into their own life.”

Past shows have captured the essence of historical model trains, which blazed their way across the frontiers of our continent and still serve to capture our imagination, and this year’s show is expected to be no different. People of all ages are welcome to visit the exhibition at the Sun Youth Building, 4251 St. Urbain, from 10 am to 6 pm September 28 and 29. Complementary parking will be available at the Home Depot on 100 Beaubien W., from which a bus will be available to shuttle visitors to the show at Sun Youth.

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