Seniors come of age — the digital age

by Sid Birns

Would you believe, well maybe, today was a day that will go down in the history of the Côte Saint-Luc Senior Men’s Club; part of the club’s committee was here in Century Village Deerfield Beach, FL. By now you must be wondering, what happened?

“They used Skype, a visual as well as an audio means of communication, from one part of the world to another”, using computers to link Florida and Montreal. Now these are men in their seventies and eighties, who not too long ago couldn’t program a wireless phone in their kitchen.

But today, they crossed over into cyberspace, they have come of age.

Mannie Young, First Vice President of the Men’s Club, chaired the Century Village location and David Haltrecht, Second Vice President, chaired the Côte St. Luc portion and they were able to carry on their monthly board of directors meeting without a hitch even though they were approximately 1,300 miles apart. They accomplished 28 committee reports and other cross conversations in a mere two hours, now that’s what I call using hi tech to the ‘nth’ degree.

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