Senior safety a priority for Sun Youth’s Bike Patrol

by Caroline Viger-Lazare

On May 30, 21 members of the Sun Youth Bike Patrol were officially sworn in by the Assistant Director of the SPVM, Stéphane Bélanger. From June 5 to August 11, they will be promoting bicycle safety and be a presence at festivals, community events, and fundraisers for local organizations.

Wherever they are, they will act as the eyes and ears of the Montreal Police.

For the 33rd consecutive summer, the Sun Youth Bike Patrol will be present in Montreal’s public spaces, providing a feeling of security.

The Bike Patrol is made up of a diverse group of young people, each with their own story, who all have a common desire to better their community. Every year the safety and well-being of seniors is a priority for the bike patrollers. Trained in first aid and public safety skills, they are deployed each summer on bike paths, on the streets, or in parks, helping when needed, giving prevention tips, and handing out bottles of water on the hottest days.

The patrollers also spend quality time with seniors or the isolated by visiting senior homes on rainy days. Additionally, they are present to explain all the services Sun Youth has to offer the community and how to best make use of them. One of Sun Youth’s roles is to support society’s most vulnerable clientele and the Bike Patrol is an extension of that initiative.

To help seniors avoid any threats, the patrollers distribute cache-monnaie, a pouch with compartments to be worn under the clothes that allows personal effects to be carried in security and secrecy.

This pouch is designed to provide a safe way for seniors to protect their money and most importantly, avoid being easy targets for potential muggers and thieves.

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