Restaurant review: Restaurant Grille Select in Kirkland

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Once the last bite of chocolate mousse left my plate, I was left with only one thought: there is nothing quite like Mediterranean comfort food.

From traditional calamari and souvlaki to Persian-style filet mignon and grilled chicken burgers, it was hard to find anything wrong with my meal at Restaurant Grille Select.

In a quiet strip mall in Kirkland, Grille Select offers simple, hearty Greek and Persian dishes. They won’t carve a hole in your wallet, with the souvlaki plates going from $13-15. The filet mignon topped out as the most expensive dish, at $19.

The quaint, bright dining room offered a nice backdrop for our meal, as soft acoustic music filled the air and the smell of spices emanated from the kitchen.

My dining partner and I gobbled up chewy triangles of pita goodness, forgetting (for a few seconds) about the big meal ahead.

The next course was equally palate-pleasing, as we sampled the fried calamari and both a Greek and house salad.

The calamari was not overly seasoned or fried and was just chewy enough.

The accompanying marinara was also well seasoned, as the sweetness and simplicity of the sauce worked well with the heavier squid rings.

The Greek salad offered a simple combination of tomatoes, olives, cucumbers and onions, with a bit of feta and oil. The house salad was dressed with the signature Grille Select house dressing, a creamy ranch-like sauce with nice texture and flavour.

Next came the Greek course: pork and chicken souvlaki sticks on a bed of rice. Both sticks of meat were cooked perfectly, though my date and I preferred the chicken. Each piece was as juicy as the last, as the skewer was seasoned and the chicken was oozing with flavour.

But the Persian main course was my favorite part of the meal, as we were treated to Persian-style filet mignon and chicken with a large serving of white basmati rice.

Earthy and fall-apart tender, the filet mignon was delicious, especially with a nice helping of sumac, the traditional Persian spice offered with our main course.

Our meal was capped off with a small chocolate mousse cake, a great finish to a splendid dinner.

With layers of dark and white chocolate on top of a thin layer of chocolate cake, the dessert was sweet and velvety.

When a chocoholic like myself says there’s too much chocolate sauce, it means there is quite a bit.

2756 St. Charles. 514-694-7455.

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