Restaurant review: Notre-Dame-de-Boeuf

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Any place that serves good veggie burgers is worth a try for me, burgers — with a real lettuce wrap! — is worth a try for me. Wow! By real I mean the lettuce is actually wrapped around the burger. And the toppings are great. And I’ve heard the meat burgers are superb.

But folks, eat outside on their terrace. If it’s raining or snowing, forget Notre-Bœuf-de-Grâce.

The musak is so loud and bangy that we had to ask at least three times to turn it down. And even then it was too loud and we couldn’t hear ourselves think… or speak. It’s that heavy base and drum machine that gets us to thinking we’ll never visit again.

High volume on cheap speakers? Not for us.

And there’s something else that cheapens the place. They serve their burgers on wooden boards with checkered paper underneath, the kind of paper that tears easily. Why, we asked, would they do that? Are they trying to emulate some fast food place? Even Harvey’s does a better job of presentation. Please, Notre Dammers de Bœuf, turn off that noise and let the only noise be the families and friends talking to one another…. And scrap that paper.

Location? 5732 Sherbrooke St. W. beside the Dollar Store and across from Esposito.

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