Raging Grannies sing out on recycling wine bottles

The Grannies are protesting the lack of wine bottle recycling in Quebec, where only 40 per cent of wine bottles are recycled, while 60 per cent go to landfills where they uselessly clog the pores of the earth.

A 20 per cent deposit on wine bottles would have a very positive effect on this pressing environmental problem! The SAQ has refused to implement a deposit and refused to serve as a depository for empty wine bottles. Shameful! say the Grannies.

They are focused on wine bottles as a start. Quebec is one of only two provinces that doesn’t have a deposit on wine bottles and a collection process associated with the distributor. This should apply to all liquor bottles they say, but one issue at a time. The CAQ is starting to think along these lines so now is a good time to push the government into action. After all, it is our SAQ and our government.

Other grannies are not working on this issue as they don’t have the problem in their cities but the whole country has recycling issues.

— Elizabeth Vezina, a Raging Granny

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