Radical Rest Homes proposal denied but search continues

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. (CMHC) has turned down a request from a group of Montreal seniors to purchase a building on St. Hubert and transform it into the city’s first Radical Rest Home.

The project was being promoted by Janet Torge, the Montreal-based documentary film producer and former broadcaster, who was seeking support to purchase the property and run it on a cooperative basis with other interested Baby Boomers.

Torge said her group’s proposal lost out to a developer by two points in the scale of values the CMHC has set up to determine who qualifies for the mortgage loan necessary to purchase a property. The idea was to buy the building and run it by combining both privacy and the need many of us have for companionship and cooperation.

She is continuing to hold workshops and deliver speeches on alternative living arrangements for emerging seniors and is planning to continue efforts to acquire a property to make it happen. For more information, write to Janet Torge.


2 Comments on "Radical Rest Homes proposal denied but search continues"

  1. Disappointing…

  2. I hope the next time (soon) that Janet’s dream comes to fruition.

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