Radical Rest Homes on the agenda

For many boomers, the model of the senior home today does not coincide with their 1960s ethos.

Alternatives that seek to establish communal-living arrangements are underway in North America and Europe, and are being actively
researched here by people involved in Radical Rest Homes.

One proposal is to purchase a residence for a group interested in a shared living experience with mortgage funding from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. (CMHC). The idea is being promoted by a group that includes Janet Torge. She is the veteran broadcaster and film producer who has led two dozen workshops and delivered speeches about the Radical Rest Homes concept, and what she calls “creative housing options as we age.”

A response from the CMHC on whether it is prepared to back the purchase proposal is expected this month. Torge is a firm believer that “each of us can find a lifestyle that makes aging an exciting new chapter in our lives.”

To facilitate the discussion, Torge is holding a full-day session Oct. 21 or Oct 28, depending on how many participants opt for the most convenient date. It is to be held at the Association récréative Milton-Parc, 3555 St. Urbain, just south of Prince Arthur, from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm. There is a $50 fee.

On the agenda is a survey of housing options here and abroad, a “cold, hard look” at your requirements for the people living with you, creating a community to age in, and contracts and compromise when living in groups.

Other issues to be discussed: Should a senior buy or rent? Can group living be advantageous when living on fixed incomes? Is downsizing inevitable? Where does family fit in with regard to decision-making?

Aging often coincides with increased health issues. To what degree can we care for each other when living in a cooperative or group setting? Are we prepared to redefine our “medical” needs? Are there models for creative, sustainable care that go beyond using our medicare card and visiting the pharmacy?

To RSVP, indicate your preferred date for the session: info@radicalresthomes.com

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