QWF awards 2017 literary prizes

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The 2017 Quebec Writers’ Federation’s Literary Awards took place in Montreal last month, celebrating some of the best literature by Quebec writers this year. The total of the six book awards is $12,000.

• Paragraphe Hugh MacLennan Prize for Fiction sponsored by Paragraphe Bookstore: Heather O’Neill, The Lonely Hearts Hotel

“Epic in scope, beautifully paced and tremendously engaging.”

• Mavis Gallant Prize for Non-fiction: Sandra Perron, Out Standing in the Field: A Memoir by Canada’s First Female Infantry Officer

“A glimpse into one woman’s harrowing experiences as the first female officer in the Canadian Infantry.”

• Concordia University First Book Prize: Jocelyn Parr, Uncertain Weights and Measures 

“The great strength of the book is its evocation of the early days of post-Revolutionary Russia.”

• A.M. Klein Prize for Poetry: Erin Robinsong, Rag Cosmology

“As politically aware as it is lyrically aware.”

• Cole Foundation Prize for Translation: Peter Feldstein, The Pauper’s Freedom: Crime and Poverty in Nineteenth-Century Quebec, a translation of Jean-Marie Fecteau’s La liberté du pauvre.

• QWF Prize for Children’s and Young Adult Literature: Karen Nesbitt, Subject to Change

“The author very aptly depicts the modern high school setting.”

Literary prize for young writers

Nicola Sibthorpe won for her story Artemisia Absinthium, published in Concordia’s Headlights Anthology. Joshua Levy was named the 2018 CBC/QWF Writer-in-Residence.

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