Quincy Armorer, BTW’s artistic director. (Photo courtesy of Black Theatre Workshop)
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Theatre preview: The Meeting by Black Theatre Workshop

Within the framework of Black History Month, the Black Theatre Workshop will present Jeff Stetson’s acclaimed one-act play The Meeting at the Segal Centre February 22-March 1. Written in 1987, the play explores an imagined conversation between Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X, two of the most charismatic […]

Nelson Mandela burns his passport in 1960. (Photo: Wikimeida Commons, photographer unknown)

Black History Month takes on different dimension post-Mandela

  This year’s Black History celebrations acquire a particular poignancy with the recent death of Nelson Mandela. In homage to the great human rights leader, the Round Table on Black History Month will present A Long Walk to Freedom, an exhibit that encompasses history, visual arts and education. The first […]

Unique Montreal book sale showcases talent
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Unique Montreal book sale showcases talent

Imagine a gnarled willow tree “bursting into a million butterflies” and reappearing as origami. Think of “a shadow, so still—surrounded by teddy bears.” Have you ever felt “like an unread book,” or “like a cold day in Alaska”? Perhaps “like a star in space … lonely among many … small […]

Violinist Luis Grinhauz and pianist Berta Rosenohl met and fell in love in Argentina. (Photo by Irwin Block)

Love and Music: 88 keys to keeping romance alive

Don’t postpone joy. That injunction is a guidepost for the partnership of violinist Luis Grinhauz and pianist Berta Rosenohl, in love and music and their life and work together. It is on the wall of their basement rehearsal space in their cozy Côte St. Luc townhouse, and it reflects the […]

First crossword

Word Nerd: The crossword crossroads

We have just passed the centenary of the creation of the crossword puzzle. December 21, 1913, the New York World featured a new type of word puzzle constructed by journalist Arthur Wynne. Wynne’s puzzle differed from today’s crosswords in that it was diamond-shaped and contained no internal black squares. Wynne […]

I have to do something. The pan is waiting for me. (Image courtesy of stock.xchng)

Flavour Guy: My affair with the iron sous-chef

We start with nothing. The pan is empty. The head often more so. The heart yearns for something, but what? The pan sits there on the burner. Stainless, immaculate. Tempting. It must be a pan and at least a hand’s breadth. So why not get out a pot? Ahh, but […]

Johnny Capobianco, right, with Natalie and Adrian Bercovici.

Generations Foundation: Love and rockets

Love is everywhere. Our October St. Viateur Bagel-o-thon took off like a rocket: Customers turned out in droves and in a few hours, 24,000 bagels sold, which can be equated to tons of love for hungry children. On a November morning, we travelled east to the La Stanza restaurant in […]

Missed flight? Missed boat? Is there light at the end of the vacation? (Photo by Hayley Juhl)

Legal Ease: Storm clouds over your travel plans?

What better way to experience friendship or romance than a lovely vacation together? One December, friends purchased tickets from a local travel agent for a trip to London, England, where they would spend several days before travelling by train to Paris. They were scheduled to leave May 17. They reserved […]

Photo courtesy of stock.xchng.

Financial Fitness: Are you prepared for the unexpected?

When you’re working to achieve your financial objectives, you will encounter obstacles. Some of these can be anticipated—for example, you won’t be able to invest as much as you want for retirement because you have to pay for your mortgage. Other challenges can’t be easily anticipated, but you can still […]

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Local entrepreneurs bring old technology into the digital age

Love TV but hate paying for dozens of channels you never watch? Self-taught electronics whiz and TV signal specialist Mario Trottier says he can get you watching the basics, up to 23 television channels including CBC, CTV, NBC, PBS, Global and more, all in beautiful high definition. There’s no monthly […]