McGill concerts affordable and exciting
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McGill concerts affordable and exciting

Appreciating classical music is a learning experience that can only be developed through listening. No amount of discussion, persuasion or explanation—even illustrated through the use of recordings—can substitute for the direct and emotionally charged experience of being part of music making, even if the only instrument you have is your […]

The film Denis will close the Montreal International Black Film Festival. (Photo courtesy of the festival)
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Black film fest highlights local, global talent

Montreal is a film buff’s paradise, where major film fests seem to take place back to back. In its ninth edition, the Montreal International Black Film Festival takes place September 18 to 29. It holds a special significance, coming one month after the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King […]

Afghan President Karzai “is not a great women’s advocate,” Weisberg says. (Photo by Irwin Block)

Fundamentalism, extremism the enemies in Afghanistan

From North Africa to the Middle East, the Islamic world is in turmoil and Afghanistan can be seen as a precursor. What can we expect when most foreign forces leave by the end of next year? We put the whither-Afghanistan question to Laurie Wiseberg, a human-rights expert who recently returned […]

There are blue skies over McGill, one of the many campuses offering courses on a host of topics this fall.
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Limitless Learning: Find courses in a host of subjects, from philosophy to photograhy

Use it or lose it—the adage applies to mind as well as body. Here is a selection of the many courses offered for the inquiring mind this fall at various institutions. The Thomas More Institute has 30 unique university-level courses over 12 weeks that are not repeated, including: * The […]

Senior Times staffers gather around their giant computer deep in the 1980s.
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Celebrate our birthday with your ’80s memories

In October, The Senior Times celebrates 27 years of bringing you the issues. Our presses started rolling back when hair was big, shoulders were wide and fax machines were the best thing since the rotary-dial phone. We have tons of fun things planned for our anniversary issue, but we also […]

Hijab mannequins photo courtesy of stock.xchng

Editorial: Proposed charter of Quebec values devalues individual rights

Montrealers are shaking their heads about the priorities of this Parti Québécois government, as expressed in its obsession about defining and imposing a so-called Charter of Quebec Values. As these lines are being written, details of the charter are not yet known, but the essentials are clear: the Pauline Marois […]

Avid cyclist Russell Copeman wants to fix crumbling urban infrastructure. (Photo by Irwin Block)

Russell Copeman gains leverage in race for borough mayor

If you see a tall, curly-haired man on a Bixi bike in the west end, it may well be Russell Copeman, the former Liberal member of the National Assembly for N.D.G. He has a different route these days and won’t be heading downtown to his office at Concordia University where […]

Barbara Moser and her mother, Eva, at the Times of Your Life Festival in ’89.

First Person: No family or residence is perfect, but we must try harder

Losing my mother, Eva, in early July was nothing like I thought it would be. I thought I had done what I could to make sure she was taken care of by finding a small residence with people who seemed to love her. I placed her there seven years ago […]

Geraldine Doucet to perform in Cote St. Luc
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Geraldine Doucet to perform in Cote St. Luc

She sings, she dances, tells jokes, and generally entertains with her energy and positive worldview. On September 9, Geraldine Doucet will bring her talent to the stage at the St. Patrick Square apartment complex for a benefit concert. It’s at 6767 Côte St. Luc. Doucet is seeking to raise funds […]

Photo courtesy of Louise Lecavalier

Louise Lecavalier’s perpetual dance of life

She has been described as “a flame on legs,” her frenetic, daring energy “a true force of nature.” But in person, having coffee in the Plateau, Louise Lecavalier exudes a sense of simplicity, lightness and calm that belies the incredible physical power within her. Lecavalier made her mark almost immediately […]