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In Chile with love: the trek south along the Pacific

BY: BARBARA MOSER & IRWIN BLOCK Last winter, we spent four weeks in Argentina and Chile. It was our first trip to South America. The seven-hour bus ride to San Pedro de Atacama in northern Chile from Pumamarca in northern Argentina was stunning, with desert, snow-capped mountains in the distance, […]

Saturday-night shoppers crowd Jaffa Road in Jerusalem. Photos: Barbara Moser
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Analysis: Israel is thriving, but settlements cast a shadow

BY: IRWIN BLOCK Israel is seen as a society beset by seemingly insurmountable obstacles, challenges and threats. Based on what we see and read in the media, life in the “promised land” would seem to be unlivable. But on the streets of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa, there is a […]


Editorial: PQ has no mandate for separation

In 1976, the Gazette’s Aislin drew his famous “Okay, everyone, take a Valium” cartoon featuring René Lévesque in the aftermath of the first Parti Québécois victory. A lot has happened since then—we have more effective anti-depressants, and the PQ is back in power. The Quebec Liberals’ expiration date has arrived. […]

Election 2012: No panic on Monkland over minority win

Election 2012: No panic on Monkland over minority win

Gil Benabou (from left), Molly Mouyal and Coby Steiner talk politics and sip coffee at Pain Doré on Monkland. BY: IRWIN BLOCK It was the day after the Quebec election, and for many west end residents there was a sense of relief that Pauline Marois’s Parti Québécois will be restrained […]

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Julia and Jamie vs. The Kitchen — which one takes the cake?

BY: BARRY LAZAR When I cook, there is often a battle between my two masters—the mentor and the teacher. My cooking mentors speak to me in volumes. They are wonderful practitioners with lots to convey. They inspire me. They are alert to correct but don’t intrude. I open their books […]


Inner artist should be given a chance to blossom at any age

BY: BONNIE SANDLER, BS.W. Many residences have beautifully equipped art rooms with wonderful works of art decorating the walls. Visitors express disbelief that these creations have been produced by people with little or no background in art who may have cognitive deficiencies. Choosing an inspiring activity and hoping that it […]


Bullied into a life lesson

BY: BRENDA HENRY The movie Bully, a documentary on peer-to-peer bullying in schools across America, shows punishing scenes of young students being kicked, poked and stabbed with pencils, knocked off bus seats, ignored and isolated. When I was 14, my father bought me a brand new J.C. Higgins bike: south-sea […]


Estate planning could include gift-giving

BY: DEBORAH LEAHY Many people have discovered that gifting assets while they are alive is a valuable estate-planning technique for passing wealth on to their adult children. One of the most important benefits of making a gift—which can be defined as a voluntary transfer of property to another made without […]


Prepositions? What are you talking about?

BY: HOWARD RICHLER Freshman: “Sir, can you tell me where the dining hall is at?” Professor: “Don’t you know that you shouldn’t end a sentence with a preposition?” Freshman: “OK, can you tell me where the dining hall is at, asshole?” From the time we entered high school we were […]

Sonya Thomas proves she can eat with the big boys, strapping on a hot-dog belt. Photos: Neil Abramson for Major League Eating

The hot-dog days of summer

BY: HARRY ROLNICK I once asked the late Sir John Gielgud why he appeared in such a crummy movie as Satyricon. “My dear boy,” he said, “one can’t play Hamlet every night.” Or resist participating in an ancient Roman orgy-cum-food-fight, where, as the philosopher Cicero noted, “One slave wipes the […]