Gad Horowitz argues that there is a significant “Tory” or “pre-liberal” remnant in Canada.

Horowitz has made a career of challenging prevailing notions

Former Montrealer Gad Horowitz is a rare example of a public intellectual who established his brilliance in one field, then shifted to several others in a continuing exploration of ideas and their effect on society. Those who know Horowitz, professor emeritus of political science at the University of Toronto, will […]

The Senior Times in the ’80s: Letting you in on a few hot issues

The Senior Times in the ’80s: Letting you in on a few hot issues

We can’t all be perfect all of the time. Here are a few of our biggest bloopers. On the right-hand side of one of our papers printed in the 1980s, there was a half-page box with the words “X ad goes here.” We had sent the film to the printer […]

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Let’s Talk About It: Confusion in defining autonomy

Researching a definition for autonomy in seniors, I became more confused with each confusing article. This is a difficult subject with no clear answers. Residences offer different levels of care, including autonomous, autonomous with services, assisted living and full nursing care. Each residence has its own definition of each. I […]

Restaurant review: Le Caveau de Szechuan
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Restaurant review: Le Caveau de Szechuan

I was looking for a chance to relax after a hard day teaching at Dawson when I walked into Le Caveau de Szechuan with Irwin and my daughter Molly. It was about 6:30 on a quiet Wednesday evening and the scene at Le Caveau de Szechuan on Monkland at Hampton […]

Marguerite Bilodeau is a harp-playing Raging Granny.

Raging with the Grannies is just one of the things she does

Marguerite Bilodeau will never mind if you ask her how old she is, because age is something she celebrates. Bilodeau, who is part of the Raging Grannies, is set to begin her latest adventure—a 21-day tour, with her guitar and harp in tow, to Rimouski, the Gaspé and the Magdalen […]

A statue of Anne Frank in Amsterdam. (Photo by Stephane D'Alu, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

Anne Frank and Eva Schloss, sisters in tragedy

In her three books and countless talks to young people and adults, Eva Schloss, 84, has been keeping alive the legacy of the Holocaust. It is not a freely chosen vocation, but rather it became her destiny when her mother married Anne Frank’s father, Otto. The small diary Anne left […]

It's almost harvest time. Be patient and keep feeding your portfolio.

Financial Fitness: How to reap a great investment harvest

Harvest season may not mean that much to you if you don’t work in agriculture. Nonetheless, you can learn a lot from those who do—especially in your role as an investor. Here are a few of these lessons to consider: “Feed” your portfolio. Through the proper combination of fertilizers and […]

Need eggs? Call a neighbour and you might get a few apples in the deal.
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Flavour Guy: CookedIn could help keep us linked in with neighbours

Melanie has new communication skills. George is now doing video production. Sigfried and Dominique have updated their profiles. Sam, Susan and someone from Albania have endorsed my skills – whatever they are. I know all about this, even if I don’t know or even remember who these people are, because […]

Broken toaster? Consider getting it fixed rather than buying new.

Smart Shopping: Reuse, repair, repurpose your treasures

The audience reading this newspaper doesn’t have to be told to get things repaired when they break rather than buying something new. You have all been brought up “green”— to reuse, repair and recycle. Unfortunately, we have become a throw-away society, and things are not made to last as long […]

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Word Nerd: The pure gold of synonym chains

Although in the Middle Ages it is unlikely that gold fetched more than $1,500 an ounce, we still should pity the Middle Ages alchemists who futilely endeavoured to turn lead into gold. For all they had to do to perform such a metamorphosis was to create a simple series of […]