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Alzheimer’s Society has big plans for new centre in Montreal

Montreal’s Alzheimer’s Society is now in a position to offer expanded multidisciplinary services from its new centre at 4505 Notre Dame St. W. in St. Henri.

Financial Fitness: RRSP or TFSA: Which is the best option?

Financial Fitness: RRSP or TFSA: Which is the best option?

If you have some extra cash available, let’s summarize the pros and cons of each option.

Norman Cornett at the Jazz Festival

Quebec must consider “the other” in values debate

The murderous attacks by Muslim fanatics against cartoonists in France, Denmark, and Holland who dared to deride Islam raises a fundamental question: should there be limits to free speech when it comes to the cherished values and sensibilities of religious and ethnic minorities, including Muslims and Jews?

Unitarian Church of Montreal launches group  for older lesbians
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Unitarian Church of Montreal launches group for older lesbians

A social group catering to middle-aged and older anglo lesbians has begun meeting at the Unitarian Church of Montreal.

Rob Barlow of Auberge Willow, Patricia Hovington of Minus 40, auctioneer Michael Lawrence, Keith Wells of Mackoli Catering, Dawn Hodes of DaBoom! Desserts, Susan Wylie, Executive Director of Le Nichoir, and Claudia Portaro of Claudia’s Catering. Photo courtesy of Le Nichoir
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A Taste of Hudson for the birds

Ten well-known regional chefs are offering their culinary creations at this year’s fundraising dinner and auction in support of Le Nichoir.

Sun Youth fundraiser at Robin des Bois restaurant in Montreal.

Here at Sun Youth: Valentine’s Day love to help pay for heat

Over 80 people attended the Sun Youth Valentine’s Day fundraiser February 12.

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Frank Zappa’s music at the Thomas More Institute

“As a conductor, I was taught the importance of developing a thorough and wide-ranging artistic culture. TMI has made this possible for me.”

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Legal Ease: Did the city deny freedom of speech?

We live in a democracy, a system by which a society governs itself through its elected representatives. This is how citizens participate, albeit indirectly, in making decisions that affect them and which become law.

Cummings Centre launches  a Sizzlin’ Spring Season
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Cummings Centre launches a Sizzlin’ Spring Season

To celebrate the long awaited spring session, in addition to popular favourites, Cummings Centre is launching a brand new event series, Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘n Roll, where thought provoking and timely topics such as Sex & Aging, Medical Marijuana and the popular Rock ‘n Roll film ‘Forever Young’ will […]

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Powerful lineup for Jazz en Rafale festival

Jazz en Rafale is a small festival with a big heart – it combines a new talent competition with performances by major international and local artists.