Greece: Chilling in Lipsi  on Juliette’s beach

Greece: Chilling in Lipsi on Juliette’s beach

Lipsi is our new favourite Greek island, and when we make that statement we’re not merely paying lip service to its charms. We arrived on a small, passenger-only ferry called Patmos Star. It was a topsy-turvy trip. Once ashore in Lipsi town, the main port, we were greeted by an […]

Learning new skills could help stave off dementia, study suggests

Learning new skills could help stave off dementia, study suggests

The following has been reprinted with permission from the Association for Psychological Science. Older adults are often encouraged to stay active and engaged to keep their minds sharp. They are told to “use it or lose it.” But new research indicates that only certain activities—learning a mentally demanding skill like […]

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Financial Fitness: On a stock roller coaster? Don’t get mad — get evened out

It’s easy to get emotional about stocks, especially when markets behave like roller-coaster rides. That’s why it’s a good idea to stay disciplined in your approach to stock selection. It sounds simple, but the fact is that ignoring short-term gyrations and holding an array of quality stocks for the long […]

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Study on stimuli could lead to pill to help treat Alzheimer’s

An Israeli study has discovered a biological mechanism that could explain how challenging mental and physical activity can delay the development and onset of Alzheimer’s disease, the Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz reports. The study, led by Boaz Barak of Tel Aviv University, was published in the September issue of the journal […]

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Let’s Talk About It: Magic of music validated with dementia project

I recently attended the 2014 Canadian Conference on Dementia in Vancouver. The focus of the conference was a “person-centred approach to dementia care.” Research presented by leaders in the field proved that we need to offer this approach. This is nothing new to anyone working or familiar with dementia but […]

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Food / Reviews & Previews

Your say: Restaurant passions and peeves

Since we boomers are taking over the world, at least in numbers, and more businesses are catering to our needs, here are two of our favourite restaurant features. Dear readers, add yours to our list (you can comment in the box below) and we’ll publish some in our December issue. […]

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Word Nerd: What we lose when we lose a language

The adjective “endangered” is usually twinned with the noun “species” as the onslaught of civilization has brought about a diminution in the planet’s biodiversity. But not only are many species on the verge of extinction—many languages are teetering toward oblivion. Of approximately 7,000 languages, it is estimated that anywhere from […]

Canada geese have the potential to become 
emotionally attached to humans who care for them. (Photo by Hayley Juhl)

Help feed the birds (it’s tuppence a bag) of Le Nichoir

  Le Nichoir, the largest rehabilitation centre for aquatic and songbirds in Canada, received seven baby Canada geese this summer. Caring for these birds is difficult because they easily become attached to humans and if that happens, it is impossible to release them into the wild, which is Le Nichoir’s […]

This photo of Joe King was a gift to Barbara Moser from the King himself.

Appreciation: The ST’s King of the one-liners will be missed

We have lost our Joe King and we will miss him. Joe was the associate editor of The Senior Times in the late ’80s and early ’90s and a talented and comical addition to our staff. Joe was always … you guessed it … jo(e)king. He died October 26 at […]

Advertisement for war bonds circulated during WWII. Archives of Canada

Smart Shopping: War stories told through private collection

Remembering our war veterans and their sacrifices should always be part of our lives. A small museum here in Montreal allows citizens to honour their achievements by learning about their lives. Grenadier Militaria is a business involved with the study and presentation of Canadian military history from the First World […]