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Financial Fitness: Take into account each of your accounts

You’ve got one investment account here, your RRSP and TFSA there, and some more assets over at that other place. You’re “diversifying,” right? That tactic could be raising your risk, inviting costly fees and preventing you from creating a sound retirement strategy. It is not uncommon for investors to think […]

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CD reviews: Kleztory, Spaces

Kleztory Arrival AMERIX This Quebec-based Klezmer group has been around for more than a decade, but it has never sounded better. A sextet with a mix of Quebec-trained and European musicians, the collective is rooted in the traditional Romanian/Gypsy/Turkish party music that is so easy to love, yet broadened by […]

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Legal Ease: 52 years of practicing law in an ever-changing landscape

Spring is the season of hope and optimism. Some look for the first crocus leaf, some fall in love or start looking for a new home, others decide to retire. I’m in the last category. April 1, instead of being a practicing attorney I became a member of the bar […]

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Jo-Anne McArthur’s We Animals reflects we humans

Looking at Jo-Anne McArthur’s portraits of animals is like looking into a mirror, the shock of recognition forever destroying—if ever there was any doubt—the notion that animals are not our fellow creatures. Activist and photographer McArthur created We Animals, a project documenting through photographs the fate of the animals we […]


Flavour Guy: Finger lickin’ good asparagus

I wasn’t hungry this winter. Soup was good, thank you. Soup for lunch, for dinner. What the heck, as I eat steel cut oats on most wintery days, you might say I eat soup for breakfast too. Nothing wrong with a good soup. Take last night’s meal: Roast chicken, leftover […]

Mayor Denis Coderre has no regrets leaving federal politics to serve Montreal. (Photo courtesy of the city of Montreal)

Mayor Denis Coderre: “Montreal is my flag”

Only one politician showed up when the family and friends of figure skater Joannie Rochette gathered in Berthierville in 2010 to watch her skate in the short program at the Vancouver Olympics. Denis Coderre was there, joining in the chants of “Go, Go Joannie,” though Berthierville was far from his […]

“Our capacity to represent ourselves has improved,” Dan Philip says, but there is work still to do. (Debrah Gilmour)

Dan Philip leads a chorus of voices for change

Longtime human-rights activist Dan Philip is well known to Montrealers who care about issues of social justice. Whenever instances of alleged racism surface in the media or on the street, it is often his opinion journalists seek. High-profile cases have included celebrity psychiatrist Pierre Mailloux, who made comments many thought […]

A scene from the Iliad by Luca Ferrari, 17th century.
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Theatre: Body, heart and soul go into Iliad, Odyssey

Homer’s timeless, epic poems The Iliad and The Odyssey, adapted by Peter Smith, will be the featured plays for Geordie Theatre’s 33d season. Thought to be the oldest in Western literature, these stories, which often refer to Greek myths and legends, will resonate with young people raised on Magic cards, […]

Editorial: Let Dr. Couillard operate on Quebec

Editorial: Let Dr. Couillard operate on Quebec

Quebec’s April 7 provincial election focused sharply early in the campaign on the arrival of media mogul Pierre Karl Péladeau onto the active political scene as a Parti Québécois candidate in St. Jérôme. It was less his raised fist and pledge to work to turn Quebec into an independent country […]

Henry Milner expects that if the PQ loses or wins only a minority, leader Pauline Marois will quit. (Rachel Côté)

Quebec election could turn on values charter and PKP gamble

As a political scientist and author who actively supported the Parti Québécois, Henry Milner brings a unique perspective to political analysis in Quebec. He explains his involvement, which included running as a PQ candidate in Westmount in 1981. “In terms of making a better society around us, they were the […]