Here’s a delicious initiative: Breakfast with the Kids
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Here’s a delicious initiative: Breakfast with the Kids

Intergenerational dialogue starts at school, as the “Breakfast with the Kids!” initiative kicked off on October 27.

PET scan of a human brain with Alzheimer's disease.

McGill professor Serge Gauthier dedicates career to defeat of Alzheimer’s

When neurologist Serge Gauthier first appeared in The ST in its early days, Alzheimer’s was thought to mostly affect old people, a consequence of strokes.

Montreal real-estate agents Bonnie Sandler (left) and Mary Lamey. (Photo: Caroline Ronalds)

Bonnie Sandler: Social worker, real estate broker — and yes, columnist

I used to dream of being a rock star but after years of wasted time and money on music lessons I finally accepted the fact that I was tone deaf.

The Forward editor J.J. Goldberg. (Photo: Irwin Block)

Israel lacks credible leader to make peace: NY editor

With civil war raging in Syria, Israel’s occupation of lands captured in 1967 and its refusal to abide by international law there has taken a back seat.

A word to the staff, from Senior Times publisher Barbara Moser

A word to the staff, from Senior Times publisher Barbara Moser

“I’m a teacher, not a publisher,” I told my brother. “I know nothing about journalism.” He said: “I’ll teach you.”

Image appeared in The Senior Times in the 1980s.

Words to The Senior Times from the heart of the newsroom

All dreams have a beginning.

(Image: stock.xchng)

Senior Times sales staff weighs in on 30 years in the business

Shirley, Sandra, and Gloria have a few things to say to publisher Barbara Moser.

It’s seven days a week for animal-rescue devotee Gerdy Cox-Gouron. (Photo: Irwin Block)

Gerdy Cox-Gouron is a guardian angel for Montreal rescues

“There’s a picture of me at 14 months, sitting on the stump of a tree holding a cat that was nearly bigger than me.”

Kristine Berey's nursery school in Budapest, 1959.

Kristine Berey on becoming a senior at The Senior Times

We are all seniors, or seniors-to-be.

Barbara Moser and Irwin Block in Leros, Greece, in 2012.

Irwin Block on one of the most rewarding gigs of his journalistic career

A reporter can rarely pick and choose to cover only what he wants, but at The Senior Times, I am almost always enthusiastic and engaged.