Adrian and Natalie flank St. Gabriel student Ryan Berry and his parents.

Generations Foundation: Contribute to a feeling of home

Home. This word conjures comfort, calm and the nurturing of oneself and one’s family. It should always be that way, although we can find ourselves suddenly “homeless” during times of political upheaval, natural disasters or other traumas. Generations Foundation believes that by helping children succeed, they and their families can […]

Irwin Cotler hard at work. (Photo by Kristine Berey)

A thank-you letter to Irwin Cotler

Dear Mr. Cotler, When our publisher, Barbara Moser, asked me if I wanted to write you a thank-you letter, my first thought was that, having met you in the capacity of writing for The Senior Times, I can no longer laugh at politician and lawyer jokes. You have shattered those stereotypes for […]

Aeneas as envisioned by painter Claude Lorrain in the 17th century.
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The Aeneid to play at La Chapelle Theatre

The Aeneid is the Greek classic poem by Virgil that tells the saga of Aeneas, his escape from Troy with his son and father and his search for a new home. It has been transposed into a modern setting of the Middle East in the French-language version by Quebec playwright […]

R.H. Thomson, Michel Perron, Tristan D. Lalla, 
Brett Watson, Daniel Lillford, Graham Cuthbertson 
in Glengarry Glen Ross at the Segal Centre. (Photo: Andrée Lanthier)
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Mamet’s Glengarry Glen Ross comes to Segal Centre

  The range of work produced by American playwright David Mamet is breathtaking. Besides having penned award-winning plays, he has written fiction, non-fiction and poetry as well as political essays and children’s books. He directed and wrote the screenplay for several feature films, and contributed to films directed by Sydney […]

Women study information technology in Amman, part of a program that fosters equality. (Photo courtesy of ICAN)

Project Genesis: Mideast peacebuilding from bottom up

Note: A clarification appears at end. The idea was solid, and so was the training of its leaders and implementation of its programs. After initiating Project Genesis in 1975, McGill University social work professor Jim Torczyner in 1997 succeeded in transplanting that successful formula to the Middle East. The idea […]

Hudson Theatre presents Cole Porter revue
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Hudson Theatre presents Cole Porter revue

Cole Porter’s beautiful songs are unforgettable. Whether they are lyrical, such as Love for Sale, or infused with jumpy rhythms that make it impossible to stay still (some of his lyrics were just “too darn hot” to be played on the radio when they were first written), his contributions to […]

Editorial: And we anglos yell: Hell no, we won’t go

Editorial: And we anglos yell: Hell no, we won’t go

It’s been a long winter, brightened by the brilliant performance of our Canadian athletes at the Olympic Games in Sochi. But now that it’s over, we have to face the grim reality of our political winter. The prospect of a spring provincial election, with the Parti Québécois comfortably ahead in […]

Alanis Obomsawin expresses hope in youth: “The future looks different.” (Photo: Linda Dawn Hammond)

Aboriginal filmmaker is a witness to the future

There is something in the air, something new in the public consciousness regarding First Nations. Perhaps it’s the new awareness of Canada’s history raised by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, or the headlines made by the Idle no More movement. One very likely reason for this softly rumbling sense of […]

Anthony Housefather and his team broke a record for freestyle mixed relay swimming in January. (Photo by Irwin Block)

C.S.L Mayor Anthony Housefather takes the plunge into federal politics

If you live in Montreal’s West End, don’t be surprised if one day soon a young-looking man with a spring in his step knocks on your door to talk politics. Côte St. Luc Mayor Anthony Housefather, now seeking the nomination as Liberal candidate in the federal riding of Mount Royal, […]

Sit with your back to the windows, facing Cocktail Hawaii’s mural, to get the full in-the-tropics effect.
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Restaurant review: Cocktail Hawaii

With yet another polar vortex on the horizon, my thoughts turned to the tropics. But with a deadline looming, I suspected the reaction of our mild-mannered Senior Times publisher would be anything but mild-mannered if I hopped on a plane. Thus it was that I found myself at Cocktail Hawaii, surrounded by […]