Summer holidays: a tale of four sojourns

Summer holidays: a tale of four sojourns

BY:MARK MEDICOFF This summer’s spectacular weather moved people to enjoy the many outdoor festivals afforded by the city. But the heat also steered many of our readers to spend time at a summer cottage and feast on the cool air. Some enjoyed summer by sojourning in the northern hemisphere, particularly […]

Golf tournament founding members Marvin Pascal (from left) and Lewis Israel with Mordy Gordon in 2010.  Photo courtesy of Sun Youth

Kids are foremost on charities’ agendas

Here at Sun Youth: Nicolas Carpentier Back-to-school time conjures up a dream or two and yet I revisit not so pleasant experiences during my elementary school years. I frequently dreamed that I lost my report card and without it was unable to go back to school. I recently had the […]


Let lessons be the instrument of your desire

BY: SANDRA PHILLIPS Music can break barriers and bring people together. It’s hear music in the park or a party going on without listening (and then humming along in your head)? Travel anywhere and you can be engrossed by a musical presentation without having to know the language. You are […]

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Events September 2012

Bazaars Church of St. John the Baptist • Sat. Sept. 15 Artisan Fair. 9 am-4 pm. 233 Ste. Claire, Pointe Claire Ste. Cécile Church • Sat. & Sun. Sept. 15 & 16 Flea market. 9am-4pm. 235 de Castelneau. 514-660-0649 St. Charles Church • Fri. & Sat. Oct. 5 & 6 Flea market. Fri. 9 […]

Tap artist: A Downy woodpecker 
spotted in Lachine this summer.
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Le Nichoir’s dream is to keep songbirds’ tunes available to all

In The Silence of the Songbirds, ornithologist Bridget Stutchbury states we may already have lost half the songbird species that populated the Earth only 40 years ago. The consequences could be grave, as songbirds form a vital part of our ecosystem and their loss would be a devastating blow to […]

Being a turncoat is tricky business
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Being a turncoat is tricky business

BY: IRWIN BLOCK Many of us are obsessed by the Second World War and the unprecedented devastation unleashed by the German killing machine until the great battles that turned the tide. But there is more to the stories of Stalingrad and Kursk, El-Alamein and D-Day than stamina, strategy and over-extended […]

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Harry Belafonte to be honoured at festival

Iconic performer Harry Belafonte, the king of Calypso, will be honoured by the 8th Montreal International Black Film Festival held September 19-30. The 85-year-old singer, songwriter, actor and social activist will be presented with the 2012 Humanitarian Award on September 19, at the Opening Ceremony and Tribute to Harry Belafonte, […]

The U.S. Trail of Tears cuts through Mississippi and eight other states.

Southern highways echo with tears

BY: HAYLEY JUHL In the 1830s, 15,000 aboriginals were herded from their homes east of the Mississippi. Sent on their forced march by U.S. President Andrew Jackson’s Indian Removal Act, they crossed up to nine states on foot, by horse, wagon or steamboat to what is now Oklahoma. At least […]

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Eatz Encore … et encore

BY: Barbara Moser Eatz Encore is just what its name suggests. You’ll enjoy it so much, you’ll go back for more. At their busy location in Westmount, 4824 Sherbrooke, Eatz is a lively, mainly takeout resto specializing in deli-style sandwiches, scrumptious salads sold by weight or in a special combo […]

Antoine welcomes his customers like close friends. Photo: Barbara Moser
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How to keep customers, in one royal step

BY: BARBARA MOSER Being treated like a princess at cafés always makes me want to go back for more. One of my favorite café owners in Montreal is Antoine, who runs Second Cup on de Maisonneuve with warmth and panache, greeting his regulars as though they were his closest friends. […]