Montreal student protests: Language divide evident in tuition conflict, Dawson students say

Montreal student protests: Language divide evident in tuition conflict, Dawson students say

BY DANIEL SAILOFSKY Much has changed since the European colonization of the New World began more than 500 years ago, but one thing remains true: the French and the English remain distinct. As Dawson student Daniel Etcovitch explained, while the conflict of the day may be tuition hikes instead of […]


Smart Shopping: Furnish your nest with twigs from many trees

By: SANDRA PHILLIPS Getting married doesn’t involve just the wedding itself. What it really means is that you are about to set up a new life—and a home—together. You have to combine what you each have and then blend your personal tastes to form a comfortable nest. Buying furniture can […]

Past performances at the River to River festival include Laurie Anderson (above), Rufus Wainwright and Chrisette Michele. (Photos: GODLIS)

New York’s River to River festival: Bridges, ports, parks and alleyways give way to theatrics

BY HARRY ROLNICK One year ago, this column started with a guide to getting almost-free food in Manhattan. That was hardly good enough. So may I apologize by modestly presenting a month of absolutely free music, dance, painting, poetry and theatre amid the most beautiful (and unknown) sites in New […]

A sea of green surrounds Tucker's Barn in Tunbridge, Vermont. (Photo: M.S. Maguire)

In Tunbridge, Vermont, history is in the front seat

If we Canadians decide to invade Vermont this summer, let’s be more pleasant about it than we were in 1780. In October of that year, 300 aboriginals under the command of British soldiers took 28 Tunbridge-area boys and men prisoner. Known as the Royalton Raid, it was the last gasp […]

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Al fresco dining is a hallmark of summer

BY BARBARA MOSER This Father’s Day—or any day—there’s nothing quite like eating in the sun or shade of cafés in Westmount Village on Sherbrooke between Victoria and Claremont. Foumagerie, with more tables outside than in, will satisfy your palate with their array of sandwiches and salads, all made fresh and […]

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Economist Jeff Rubin: Economic slide is not all bad

BY IRWIN BLOCK As surely as lilacs bloom in spring, gas prices in Montreal soared above $1.33 a litre in May, and for economist Jeff Rubin, that may not be all bad. There is little we can do about the growing demand for petroleum, especially in the new consumer economies […]

Tommy Kulczyk celebrates 30 years with Sun Youth.

Here at Sun Youth: Tommy Kulczyk is married … to his job

BY NICOLAS CARPENTIER If there is such a thing as being married to your job, Sun Youth’s Tommy Kulczyk is the perfect example. Kulczyk, assistant to the executive vice-president and director of emergency Services, celebrated 30 years of community service on May 1. Kulczyk was introduced to Sun Youth when […]

Happy 50th Anniversary to Adrian and Natalie!

Generations Foundation: Marriage has its challenges

BY NATALIE BERCOVICI Marriage is alive and well in Montreal. Good weather arrived early in May and to our delight, many brides and grooms were at the Old Port with their entourage of family and friends. This is a lovely sight to behold, and couples should not be afraid of […]

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Hudson Village Theatre artistic director comes full circle

BY DANIEL SAILOFSKY After 20 years of professional theatre, opera and everything in between, Hudson Village Theatre artistic director Heather Markgraf has come full circle. Markgraf is back at the helm after eight years, just in time for the 20th anniversary celebration. She rejoins the company with a new board […]


Common Cents: What would we do without Dad?

BY IVAN CONS One of the most anticipated events of the year, at least in my house, is upon us. On June 17, dads old and new, as well as granddads, are singled out for all the things they do throughout the year. Many Dads are unsung heroes diligently fulfilling […]