Organist Vierne commemorated

Old Montreal’s little sister, Vieux Lachine, offers three unique guided tours.

On foot, admire architecture along the shores of Lac St. Louis, just 10 minutes from downtown Montreal. Visit the area’s three museums and end with a “batobus” river ride. Saturdays and Sundays, August 4 to October 7, 10 am. $15.

By bike, join the Pedal to the Rhythm of Lachine tour through René Levesque Park and along the Père Marquette promenade, again visiting museums. Thursdays and Fridays till August 26, 11 am. $10, bring your own bike.

For an unparalleled experience, Lachine bills Rabaska canoe tours as “a time machine back to the age of the voyageurs and the fur trade.” Participants explore museums, meet costumed interpreters and take part in activities. August is archeology month, so the expedition adds even more historical activities. Saturdays and Sundays till July 26, 9:45 am and 1:15 pm. $10.

More information: 514-364-4490,

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