Montreal grocery stores make winter shopping easier

by Kristine Berey

Though we are still in the midst of autumn splendour, each falling leaf brings us closer to the season that most challenges seniors’ sense of autonomy.

Staying active is important, but on days of relentless rain or snowstorms, it may be safer and more practical to have groceries delivered than to venture outside in search of sustenance.

While most large grocery stores will deliver an order a client picks out at the store, IGA has an online shopping service at

The delivery is from the store you select and there are several payment options, including cash or credit card.

For those who prefer ordering the old-fashioned way, below you will find a list of grocery stores that will take your telephone orders and deliver the same or the next day.

They offer this service usually in the mornings on different days during the week, depending on the store.

Some have a delivery fee and/or a minimum that you must order, ranging from $25 to $45.

  • Caldwell Provisions. Côte St. Luc, western N.D.G. 514-481-0365
  • Clifton Provision Market. Westmount (to Atwater), St. Henri, eastern N.D.G. 514-486-3851
  • IGA Sauro. Ville Marie. 514-525-4281
  • IGA: Supermarché Denis Deschenes. Verdun. 514-766-7540
  • Marché Dunn. N.D.G. 514-484-8421.
  • Marché du Village. C.D.N. 514-735-3611
  • Metro Cote Vertu. St. Laurent. 514-747-3145
  • Metro Dollard. LaSalle. 514-364-3492
  • PA du Fort. Westmount, west of Peel, St. Henri, C.D.N. 514-932-0922
  • PA du Parc. Plateau, Mile End. 514-273-8782
  • PA Samson. Laval. 450-682-4441
  • Provigo. Town of Mount Royal. 514-735-0731
  • Provigo. Westmount. 514-488-4083
  • Supermarché Mourelatos. Pierrefonds, Pointe Claire, D.D.O. 514-620 4200

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