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October, 2006

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Growing up with THE SENIOR TIMES
by Molly Newborn

My mother gave birth to The Senior Times in October 1986. I was five years old, there from day one helping with whatever I could to raise my new baby sister. My older sister and I, painfully shy, stood on a street corner and passed out the first issue to whomever walked by and would accept it.
As the years passed, The Senior Times grew, started developing a personality, matured, and began making a firm name for herself in the Montreal community with the help of her dedicated employees, many of whom not only involved with the upbringing of The Senior Times, but with mine as well. We went through ups and downs, especially during our teenage years. Somehow we made it. I spent countless hours in the car, the cold, the snow, the slush, delivering the issues, making sure they all were nicely placed and taken care of. Ironically, those were some of my warmest memories. It was then when I spent time with my mom, and felt like I was truly contributing. We would always end our route with a warm lunch at Java U as my toes defrosted.
The Senior Times’ 20th birthday is the result of the 20 years of all the individuals who have contributed to her success; the publishers, the sales teams, the graphic designers, the delivery team, the many gifted students who my mom discovered in her classes at Dawson, the writers and, of course, the dedicated readers. We are all a big family responsible for the upbringing of The Senior Times. It is now that we all come together to celebrate the success of our newspaper. October 14 is the day we celebrate at Dawson College. It is the most fitting place for our family to do so. The recent tragedy at Dawson has brought together the Montreal community, making us realize we are more connected than we perceive. It is the perfect opportunity for us to help bring Dawson back to its feet and celebrate our successes.
From Los Angeles, I’m coming home to celebrate.

Almost like a person
by Amy Newborn

Barbara is my mother. She is the strongest person I know and cares about people more than anyone else I have encountered.
She started this newspaper out of love for her grandparents, and the paper has always been a part of our family. Almost like a person, it requires time, love, dedication, nurturing. And then there are the people who work for the paper, who also require all of these things.
My mother is also the mother of this newspaper, and an important person to a lot of people — her students, her readers, and her staff. I wish The Senior Times, like a family member, a very happy 20th birthday.


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