Michael’s crafts opens in Quebec with a snikt, swish, clink

It’s quite the thing when the craft world buzzes, what with the snikt of sharpened scissors, the swish of pulled ribbons, the clink of cookie cutters and a symphony of glue guns, paintbrushes and dreams.

The buzz reached a crescendo last month when the Michael’s chain opened in seven Quebec locations, including in LaSalle.

The U.S. chain, which will compete with Quebec-based Omer deSerres, stocks yarn and cupcake delights, jewelry-making supplies, polymer clay and everything in between.

Michaels offers an array of classes and workshops. During a recent visit to the LaSalle location, browsers watched as Beverly Dubuc (above) delicately painted a row of shadowed trees on canvas. She will offer workshops in the coming months.

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Unitarian Church of Montreal

For information on store hours and workshops at 6855 Newman, call 1-800-642-4235.

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