Meals on Wheels Week is March 15 – 21

You may need Meals on Wheels as a result of a temporary incapacity. Perhaps you’ve had an accident or a recent surgery. Or you may have a long-term or permanent condition.

Whatever your needs, all that is required to obtain MOW is a referral from a healthcare worker such as your physician, hospital, or CLSC.

The healthcare professional can fax Volunteer West Island a completed MOW form for their client and the MOW kitchen in the municipality where the client resides will be contacted.

Fax number: 514-457-9677, attention Meals on Wheels. The CLSCs, etc. have the MOW forms.

Amélie Guilbault is Food Services Coordinator. Her extension is 225.

To volunteer for Meals on Wheels click on the white Volunteer Here tab on the green banner at the top of the page on our web site ( and complete the I Want to Volunteer form. The Volunteer Recruitment Coordinator for Individuals will contact the person within two working days.

All volunteers welcome!

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