Looking for Minda’s, Mindel’s, Mindy’s etc.

Minda Bernstein, violinist from the Bagg Street Klezmer Band and DaZoque, is searching for other Minda’s or grandchildren or children of Minda’s.

She wrote to us about an article in our March 2016 issue featuring Irwin’s mother Ruth Block, who knew that “when she left Poland, she would never see her mother, Minda, again.”

As it turns out, Irwin confirms that her name was really Mindel but that Ruth called her Minda. Perhaps she thought, said Irwin, that Minda was more elegant.

“I have heard of other Minda’s in North America, but never heard where their names came from,” Minda wrote.

She asked us if Minda was a common name in Poland or Eastern Europe at the time of Irwin’s grandmother and whether we know other Minda’s.

“So as the story goes, my mother slept on it and woke up having dreamt of the name “Minda,” which my parents promptly chose for me. They always said that they had only one reference of a similar name, Mindy Carson, who was popular at that time.” We note that Mindy is a popular name among Chassidic families. Among the best known is Mindy Pollack, the borough councilor in Outremont. Then there is Barbara’s daughter Molly’s close friend, the multi-talented Mindy Eklove. Then there’s Mork and Mindy, the popular 70s show. But we digress.

So if you know of any Minda’s in your family or know more about where the name originated, let us know and we will pass your information on to Minda Bernstein.

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