Limitless Learning: Learn to read and play music

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So you have that old clarinet sitting around the house, haven’t played it in years, and have that urge to make music.

Or, maybe you never got to join the high-school band to play trombone, but it’s something you’d love to do.

Now, seniors of all ages, who want to make music in a band, can do so in an innovative and interesting project.

Even those who can’t read music or never learned to play are invited to join the Montreal New Horizons Band where they can pick up these skills.

It’s part of a Lifelong Learning in Music program developed by McGill PhD student Audrey-Kristel Barbeau as part of her doctoral thesis. She’s the musical director.

It is primarily directed toward wind instruments, but includes percussion and such mallet instruments as xylophone, marimba and glockenspiel.

“We’ll be learning mainly concert-band music, classical and some marches,” Barbeau said. “Because we are training new musicians we are looking for people who never played music before.”

She has recruited McGill music education students to take part in the program as teachers and tutors. “We will teach participants how to read music, the basic technique on their instrument.”

For those who do not own an instrument, the program has partnered with Twigg Music, for rentals of horns or enrolment in a rent-to-own program.

The cost is $120 a term or $240 for the full year. Proceeds go to pay the teachers.

The first term spans 12 weeks; the second in winter will be 22 weeks. Sessions will be held at Collège Regina Assumpta, 1750 Sauriol E. (Metro Sauvé + Bus 121). The first rehearsal is Thursday, Sept. 11 at 6 pm at the college.

For more information including how to obtain an instrument at Twigg, contact Barbeau at 438-884-2045 or

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