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Letters to the Editor

An uncle’s tribute
Dear Barbara,
Congratulations on the 20th anniversary of The Senior Times.
At my wedding 53 years ago you were the flower girl. I remember that you refused at first to do your duty. Some said that you were shy. I remember it differently. Even when you were a child, when you made up your mind it was almost impossible to influence you to change it.
This characteristic has remained with you to this day. You decided to start The Senior Times 20 years ago, and you persisted in spite of difficulties. You had an idea — to create a paper which would be useful and interesting to seniors, to contribute to the welfare and well-being of seniors. This was a novel idea! A noble idea. A worthwhile project.
I respect you and admire you.
Uncle Willy, Oct. 3, 2006

Dear Editor,
As we get older we get wiser. We realize we should express our appreciation.
Your paper keeps on getting better, mainly because of you and, of course, your staff.
We readers feel we know you even if we have never met you. You are an intimate friend to each of us, sharing little moments from your daily life.
Readers can easily get a clear picture of your personality from your writing. It is amazing! It’s you! I said it!
— Ruth Block, Montreal

Congratulations on your 20th birthday
May you all be blessed in every way
What can I say about The Senior Times?
A quality publication that won’t set you back a dime
Informative articles and reviews with insight
Reading your paper is a real delight
Interesting to seniors or any generation
About different communities of different persuasions
Competent editorials and political critique
The Senior Times is really unique
About upcoming events you do apprise
Art exhibits, bazaars and lectures you advertise
Assisting the aged with medical advice
Your columns are to the point and concise
Current events to keep us up-to-date
You have earned much praise, there can be no debate
You remind us that we seniors are always learning
For knowledge we have a life-long yearning
So, kudos to you Barbara, and your entire staff
Your paper is the best senior paper we could have
Enjoy yourselves at the Dawson Scene
May you be the most festive you’ve ever been
Congratulations on a job well done
Please keep The Senior Times exciting and fun
As you party and celebrate in October
Hope you can all manage to stay sober!

— Sharon Miller, Montreal
Ed note: We will manage to stay sober because there will be no booze served at the gala. Hope to see you there, Sharon.




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