Let’s Talk About It: Your memories remain intact even if hers don’t

With time, Alzheimer’s will wipe out a person’s memory— powerful memories such as a mother’s memories of her own children. This impacts a family in the most heartbreaking way. While this
devastating disease can rob a parent of their memories, your own memories remain intact. Try not to lose them while having to deal with the disease.

Sadly, you lose your mother in many ways to AD. While her physical presence is before you, the woman who mothered you is no longer there. Your mother nurtured you, held your hand when you cried, laughed with you, taught you many things, helped with your homework, sat with pride at your graduations, and loved you as only a mother could. These are your memories and they stay with you. They are not to be destroyed by the disease that your mother is struggling with.

Many children who are so busy managing their mother’s care, have neither the time nor energy to reflect on the past. Take a moment and let these memories fill you with heartwarming feelings. Love triumphs over memory.

Honour your mother on Mother’s Day (and every day) in ways that reflect her present situation. A gift of her favourite CD from years ago may bring a smile to her face, especially if you sing along with her.

A stuffed animal or doll to cuddle may bring her comfort. So will a favourite food, a trip to a park, a drive in the country or arranging for young children or pets to visit. You, as her child, who shared the strongest bond of love, will best know what gift or activity would bring her joy.

Try not to let the disease destroy your special memories. Mother’s Day will have a very different meaning when a mother has AD but it should still be celebrated.

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